Meet Boulder, Colorado, Attorney Joel W. Cantrick, P.C.

Joel W. Cantrick, P.C. provides strong, smart legal representation to individuals and businesses in a wide range of employment, regulatory/licensing, and environmental matters. Mr. Cantrick is prepared to assist with even the most complex legal issues in such matters.

Since 1973, Mr. Cantrick has gained extensive experience representing clients in a variety of federal, state, and local government administrative and regulatory proceedings and employment and environmental matters. His experience includes serving as Solicitor General, first assistant attorney general of the Natural Resources Section, and an assistant attorney general in the Labor/Civil Rights Unit and in┬áthe Litigation Section of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, and also as an assistant city attorney for Boulder, Colorado.

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To speak to an experienced lawyer, contact Mr. Cantrick today at 303-800-2820. Or, if you prefer to send an e-mail, you may do so using the online form on this website. Mr. Cantrick offers flexible appointment times upon request to accommodate his clients’ busy schedules.